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Have Extra Space?

Earn Cash by Renting Your Extra Space to Neighbors in Need of Storage!

Get $100 When You Rent Out Your Space Today!

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How Much Can You Earn?




See our full rate calculator to learn more.

How Much Can You Earn?

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How Does Being a Space Owner Work?

Making extra money with XS Spaces is easy and hassle-free!

Make Some Space

Make some extra space and post it on XS Spaces. People are always looking for storage and you might have just what they need.

Rent It Out

Renters reserve your space and pay you to store their extra stuff. Just let them drop it off and pick it up when they’re done.

Get Paid

Once the Renters drop off their stuff, you start making money! All the funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

It took me five minutes from sign up to getting my space listed. The whole process could not have been more simple and seamless.

Seth A.

Keizer, OR

This could be a great option for folks with extra space in their home or garage. It’s a great way to help folks make a little extra coin without the daily hassle of guests.

John M.

Portland, OR

Listing Your Space with XS Spaces is Easy

Listing Is Free

Using and listing your space on XS Spaces is completely free! XS Spaces only makes money when your space is rented.

Reliable Income

Payments are submitted online and charges are made automatically. Your money is then deposited directly into your account!

You Are In Control

You set your price and terms of access. Give people 24/7 access if you want or by appointment only. Your property, your rules!

We Support Our Space Owners

Storage hosts are trusted members of the XS Spaces community. We back them up with customer support and a robust rental agreement to ensure they’re protected.

Read the full Rental Agreement.

Contact Support.

Extra Protection With The XS Spaces Guarantee

We at XS Spaces are committed to making sure you feel confident in your storage choice. That’s why we offer the XS Spaces Guarantee of up to $500 to help cover any incidents that may occur during storage. This is at no additional cost to you!

Read more about the XS Spaces Guarantee.

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New Space Owner

Sign up today and get $100 towards your first rentals!

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Refer New Users

Refer your friends and get a $10 Amazon gift card for each person you refer!

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New Renter

Sign up today and get a $50 Amazon gift card after you move into your first space!

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Have Questions? Check Out Our FAQS!

Use our helpful calculator to figure out your optimal daily rate!

You as a Space Owner are not liable for any damage that may occur to the renter’s stored possessions that you did not cause. You can view more information at our Rental Agreement.

Of course! Renting out space for long term parking is an ideal use for XS Spaces!

When creating your account, we ask you to provide your bank account information. XS Spaces will deposit all of the money you make from your listing directly into your account. Payments will be issued every two (2) weeks for time your space was rented.

All banking information is held by a PCI-compliant 3rd party and XS Spaces at no point holds on to your banking information.

See all FAQs.

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