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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Space Owners

Check out our answers to our frequently asked questions from people who are renting their space out for storage through XS Spaces.

Simply sign up and click the ‘Post a new listings’ button in our Listings page. Then fill out the posting information and hit post!

How much space you have is important information to convey to the Renter. Use our helpful guide to help determine your square footage!

Use our helpful calculator to figure out your optimal daily rate!

When creating your account, we ask you to provide your bank account information. XS Spaces will deposit all of the money you make from your listing directly into your account. Payments will be issued every two (2) weeks for time your space was rented.

All banking information is held by a PCI-compliant 3rd party and XS Spaces at no point holds on to your banking information.

Nope! All postings are free and you are free to post as many listings you want! XS Spaces just takes (5%) of the subtotal of daily rate as an Owner’s service fee when the funds are deposited into your account.

‘Verified Addresses’ are listings where XS Spaces has confirmed that the listing is owned and maintained by the person who posted it at the address they provided. All listings that have been verified are marked with the ‘Verified Address’ badge.

You can read more about address verification here.

Not at all! You define the terms of access to your Space. You are free to grant 24/7 access or by appointment only. It is completely up to you.

You can learn more in our Rental Agreement.

Of course! Renting out space for long term parking is an ideal use for XS Spaces!

You as a Space Owner are not liable for any damage that may occur to the renter’s stored possessions that you did not cause. You can view more information at our Rental Agreement.

XS Spaces is proud to offer the XS Spaces Guarantee of up to $500 as reimbursement for damages to your property as a Space Owner at no additional cost to you. Read more about the terms and conditions of our guarantee here.

Yes! We are working on a system for automated review and accept/decline reservations but in the meantime contact support@xs-spaces.com if you need to decline or cancel an upcoming reservation. You have up to forty-eight (48) hours to terminate a reservation without penalty.

If a Renter is discovered to be violating the terms of service, they are considered to be in ‘default’ and are subject to the rules defined in our Renter Default and Eviction policy which can include XS Spaces helping you remove the items from your premises if you so desire.

You can only terminate the rental agreement under certain circumstances and only by providing two (2) weeks notice. If two (2) weeks notice cannot be provided, you must pay the ‘No-Cause Eviction’ fee of six (6) weeks equivalent of the daily rate unless the Renter is found to be in ‘default’ at which point they are subject to the rules defined in our Renter Default and Eviction Policy.

You can view more at our Reservation Cancellation and Modification policy and our Fees and Fines.

The Renter is liable to remove their items before or on the end date of the rental period. If they do not comply, they are considered to be in ‘default’ and are subject to the rules defined in our Renter Default and Eviction policy which can include XS Spaces helping you remove the items from your premises if you so desire. 

Absolutely not! You are free to open and close your posting to your liking and comfort.

When a Renter books your space and pays for their first seven (7) days, your space will be flagged as ‘Occupied.’ It will still be visible on the app but not available to book by renters. When the rental period expires, your site will be once again flagged as ‘Available’ and you will be able to accept bookings again.

We are working on a feature that will help you manage your space’s availability. In the meantime, if you need to change the status of your space from ‘Available’ to ‘Occupied’ or vice-versa, please contact support@xs-spaces.com.

We are working on a feature that will allow you to make your space ‘shared’ where you can split it amongst multiple renters. In the meantime, we recommend making multiple postings for your space. Remember to adjust the size and price to reflect the smaller amount of size available for each posting.

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