XS Spaces

New Space Owner Promotion

List your extra space and we will give you $100 towards your first rentals!

What is the New Space Owner Promotion?

Currently when you rent your space through XS Spaces, XS Spaces charges a modest 5% service fee on rental transactions. For example if you rented your space for $100 per month, XS Spaces would charge $5 and you would get $95 (you can read about our fees).

If you sign up under the New Space Owner Promotion we will waive the first $100 of Space Owner Service fees! That means if you rented your space for $100 a month, you would get the full $100 for 20 months!

How Does the New Space Owner Promotion Work?

Begin by creating an account. Use a promo code provided by a friend or use the invitation code STOREPDX.

Once you’ve created a profile, create a listing. Be sure to include a photo of the space for rent, the location, and any details that will be helpful to renters searching for space. The better your listing, the more likely it is to be rented.

When your space is rented, you will automatically be exempt from service fees of up to $100! This includes over multiple rental sessions!

Take Advantage of Our Promotion! Join XS Spaces Today!

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Learn more about being a Space Owner or see our How It Works and FAQs for Renters and Space Owners for more info.

Still have questions? Drop us a line anytime at support@xs-spaces.com.