XS Spaces

How Does XS Spaces Work?

It is easy to get started and use XS Spaces! Just sign up and post or rent some space!

The Owner Posts Their Space

A Space Owner, after creating an account, creates a listing for their extra space. They customize their Space listing by giving it a description, uploading pictures, listing the size, and defining their price and access limits. Their Space is now available to rent on XS Spaces.

A Renter Finds The Space

A Renter, after creating an account, searches XS Spaces for the perfect Space to store their stuff. They can search by size, price, location, or other features. Once they find the perfect Space, they hit the ‘Rent’ button to Reserve the Space.

The Renter Reserves The Space

After hitting the ‘Rent’ button, the Renter completes the Reservation by inputting the dates they want to reserve and their credit card information. The Renter is charged for the first seven (7) days of storage and the Reservation is complete!

The Renter Moves-In

Using the XS Spaces in-app messaging system, the Renter and Owner coordinate the time for the Renter to move-in. Once the Renter moves in, everything is complete!

Payments Are Made Automatically

The Renter is charged at the start of every seven (7) day period (including service fees) for the duration of the rental period. The revenue generated for the Owner is deposited directly into their account every two (2) weeks (minus service fees).

The Renter Moves-Out

Once the rental period is complete, the Renter and Owner coordinate the move-out using the XS Spaces in-app messaging system. Once the Renter moves out, everything is complete and the Owner can now lists their Space as available to rent again!

Getting Started is Free and Easy!

Still have questions? See our FAQs for Renters and Space Owners.