XS Spaces

XS Spaces Early Access

Thank you for participating in our early release of XS Spaces!

Is there underutilized space in your garage, basement, or attic? Maybe you have a parking spot in your driveway or an RV pad at your home that you just don’t use. Stop wasting that space and turn it into extra income by providing it to renters in need of storage!

Here's How it Works

Begin by creating an account. Use a promo code provided by a friend or use the invitation code STOREPDX.

Once you’ve created a profile, create a listing. Be sure to include a photo of the space for rent, the cross street where the space is located, and any details that will be helpful to renters searching for space like yours. The better your listing, the more likely it is to be rented!

On XS Spaces, it is free to post as many listings as you have. XS Spaces only charges our space owners 5% from your daily rate as an Owner’s Service Fee while your space is rented out. To show our gratitude for you as an early access member, however, we are waiving the first six weeks of the Owner’s Service Fees!

What's Next?

Now that you have a listing created, sit tight and get ready to make some money! XS Spaces will begin advertising to renters once we hit a critical mass of space owners in Portland. The sooner we hit our critical mass of owners in the Portland market the sooner we will open up our beta to renters so you can start making money!

Help XS Spaces meet its organic growth goals by sharing this page with your friends and getting the word out to potential listing owners in the Portland area using the links below or on the side of the page!

See our How it Works and FAQs sections for more info.

Still have questions? Drop us a line anytime at support@xs-spaces.com.