What Type of Space Can I List?

XS Spaces is the easiest way to make extra money by renting your space for storage. But what types of space are good for storage? What can you store there? 

The answer to these questions is not always apparent. So to help clear up some confusion, here are some tips for the types of space you have.


Closets tend to be small but they’re perfect for storing sensitive items that need to be inside. Closets also keep things out of the way and can be locked for extra security. Use your closet to store things like clothes, books, instruments, computers, electronics, or things that do better indoors.

Spare Room

Like closets, spare rooms like a guest bedroom or an office are great for things that need to stay inside. Depending on the size of the room, you can still use the room for its intended purpose along with storage. Having a lock on the door is also a nice extra bit of security. Use a spare room to store boxes of items like clothes, books, or electronics or even larger items like furniture.

Utility or Wash Room

Utility rooms are made for storage! All the conveniences of a spare bedroom but made to be out of the way. Adding shelves adds a lot of capacity as well. Store things like boxes of clothes, books, electronics or store some heavier things like tools, bicycles, golf clubs, or skis/snowboards.

Unfinished Basement

Unfinished basements are great storage places! They’re big, open spaces that generally go unused. That’s why you should put yours on XS Spaces. Unlike closets or spare rooms, unfinished basements are harder to control temperature and humidity in so it’s generally better to not store too sensitive of items in them like fragile electronics, photographs, or art. Otherwise they are perfect for storing items in boxes or plastic tubs, indoor/outdoor furniture, tools, outdoor gear, bicycles, golf clubs, skis/snowboards, kayaks, or paddleboards.


Attics are like unfinished basements except they’re on top of the house, not the bottom. They vary in size but generally have lots of unused space. Since they’re upstairs, it’s best to use attics for smaller items and the usual lack of temperature/humidity control makes them not ideal for sensitive items like photographs or art. Use attics to store boxes or plastic tubs.


Garages are wonderful places for storage! They are large, easy to access, and generally provide a separate entrance from your living space. Non air-conditioned garages are not great for sensitive items (like attics) but otherwise you can store almost anything in a garage! Garages are great for boxes and plastic tubs, outdoor gear, tools, bicycles, skis/snowboards, kayaks, paddleboards, and even vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet-skis, or boats!

Any Extra Space is Perfect for XS Spaces!

These are just some quick examples to help you get started. With some creativity, you can make any space work for XS Spaces. Sign up and get started making extra money today!

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