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Welcome to XS Spaces!

I remember when I realized I was sitting on an extra $200 a month.

This was late 2017 and my family was storing items from two family friends of ours: one was renovating and the other downsizing and moving. That’s when my wife half-joked “we should rent the rest of our basement out.” I looked up storage prices in our home town of Portland, OR and was shocked. Our space could fetch us $200 a month based on comparable units. I realized there had to be more people with space like me and would want to make extra cash.

That was when XS Spaces was born. We are creating a community of people with extra space who want to rent it to those who need extra space for storage. We are providing easy on-demand storage for renters while provided easy extra income for owners.

XS Spaces is incredibly easy to use. Signing up and posting listing your space takes five minutes and is free. Renters reserve the space through the application and we handle all the payments from charging credit cards and depositing funds into your bank account. Monetizing your space couldn’t be easier.

Sign up if you want to make extra money on your underutilized space or need affordable storage space for rent.

You can learn more at our How it Works and FAQs sections. We’re excited to see you on XS Spaces!

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