Tips for Storing Your Skis and Snowboard

We love winter in the mountains! But all good things must come to an end. So unless you’re chasing storms on the south side of the equator, our friends at Evo have some tips for you when you put your skis and snowboard away for the summer.

Get them clean.

Spray everything down thoroughly trying not to force water into the bindings. Avoid using degreasers or detergent as they can affect the binding lubricant. If there are any nasty buildups, try a cloth dipped in a small amount of citrus solvent.

Check the edges.

Sharpen the edges or at least remove the most obvious burrs to reduce the chances of rust and leave less work for yourself come next season.

Wax the bases.

You’ll want to hot wax the bases with an all-temperature or a softer warm-weather wax to protect them from oxidation, but don’t scrape it off. Be generous and cover the edges to help keep rust away.

Get meticulous (if you want).

Back off the tension on your ski binding springs, so they don’t stay compressed all summer. This is your choice – there’s no real downside to doing this and it only takes a few minutes. Don’t forget to reset your DIN’s to the correct setting before you use them again (so write the numbers down somewhere).

Don’t forget your boots.

Pull the liners out and make sure everything is completely dry, then buckle ski boots loosely so they hold their shape.

Use XS Spaces to store them!

Use XS Spaces and find the perfect place to store them. XS Spaces can help you find a cool, dry place out of the sun. A neutral position with no pressure on either camber or rocker is preferable. You are sure to find the perfect place at the perfect price with XS Spaces!

Learn more about prepping your skis for storage at and also check out our tips for getting your bike ready for spring.

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