Tacoma Residents Face Lawsuit By Storage Site Developer

Residents of a Tacoma neighborhood along South Lawrence Street are facing a lawsuit from a commercial developer over plans to build a four-story storage facility.

Pacific Northwest Development LLC wants to build a 120,560-square-foot storage and retail building on a one-acre site at the corner of South Lawrence and 19th Street. The facility would include 2,500 square feet of retail space as well as 1,350 square feet of leasing office and administrative space related to the self-storage operations.

A community covenant that dates back to 1945, however, forbids anything but single-family homes in the neighborhood. It was overlooked as a footnote until plans were in motion for the 920 storage unit facility.

Any exemption to the covenant requires a majority vote of the current owners of the properties listed on the 73-year-old residential agreement. Signatures were sought to approve a waiver to begin construction but not enough residents approved the waiver.

Pacific Northwest Development is seeking a summary judgement to declare the covenant invalid because it was long forgotten and has been ignored several times. The owners of the properties listed in the covenant were served with lawsuit notices in October, 2018. They voted to fight and have since formed the nonprofit Murry-March Neighborhood Association and launched a GoFundMe effort to raise $10,000 for their legal bills (

“It is a huge jump to go from one side of single-family homes to this thing on the other,” neighbor and critic of the project Tobias Nitzsche said. “This property goes almost up to their property line. It is just too much. It is just too big for the neighborhood.”

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