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It Costs How Much?!

Unlike XS Spaces, many share economy apps take a big chunk of change to participate.

CNBC introduces us to Al Castillo, a full time driver for Uber, Lyft, and Juno in New York City. Besides revealing that Al is pretty cool dude, CNBC takes us through how much it costs Al to operate. By their calculation, it costs $17,000 a year for Al to drive 9-11 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Al is able to make ends meet by driving full time, but many drive for Uber (or rent with Airbnb) as a part-time job. How can these companies expect people to put in that much of their own time and money?

We don’t at XS Spaces. In 2 minutes you can be making $100-$200 a month on something you already have: you’re space. Rent out your unused space to people in your community for storage. It’s quick, easy, and you won’t hurt your wallet to participate.

You can see the rest of Al’s story here and sign up for easy money at www.xs-spaces.com.

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