XS Spaces

Renting storage can be an absolute pain especially from traditional self-storage companies. But with XS Spaces, it doesn’t have to be! Follow this quick guide to sign up and find storage in minutes!

Step 1. Sign up for XS Spaces!

Sign up for XS Spaces here. Put in your first and last name, and your email. Then create a username and password. You will also need to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 2. Confirm Your Email.

After you have submitted all of your information, check your email for your account confirmation email and follow the instructions in the email.

Step 3. Update Your Profile.

It’s important to let people know a little about yourself. This helps establish trust with Space Owners and increases your chances a Space Owner will accept your reservation.

To update your profile, hover your mouse over the user avatar in the upper right hand corner of the listings page, then click ‘Settings.’

Once there, make sure you are in the ‘Profile info’ section.

While it’s good to make sure all of the fields have your most updated information, the following sections are the most important to complete.

Tell Us About Yourself.

In the “About you” section, take a minute to write a few sentences about yourself. Details could include where you are from, notes about family, your career, or anything else you might want to convey. This section helps Space Owners know you are a real person so have fun with it!

Add Your Photo.

In the “Profile picture” section, upload a picture of yourself. We recommend a photo of you, the renter, that is clear and not blurry.

Step 4. Determine The Type of Storage You Need.

Not all items being put in storage are equal. Some things may be sensitive to humidity and temperature, like clothes or art, while other things are more durable, like bikes and outdoor equipment. What you are storing will help you decide what type of space you need.

Check out our helpful tips in our blog!

Step 5. Figure Out How Much Storage Space You Need.

We recommend this helpful guide at Sparefoot to help you determine the size you need. If you are in doubt, go bigger!

Step 6. Use Filters to Refine Your Storage Search.

When searching for storage on XS Spaces’ listings, use the filters to help narrow down your search. You can narrow your search by price; size; features like heat, A/C, no stairs, etc; access type; and location type.

Step 7. Reserve Your Space.

Once you have found a great place for storage, start the reservation process by clicking ‘Reserve’ on the listing page.

Step 8. Input Your Move In and Move Out Dates (or Month-to-Month).

Provide your move-in and move-out dates. You can also book month-to-month if you are unsure when you will be able to move-out.

Step 9. Input Your Payment Info.

Provide your credit card information. We support all of the major credit cards.

At booking, you will be charged for the first week. We then automatically charge your card every seven (7) days.

Step 10. Move In!

You’re all set! Just work with the Space Owner to coordinate move-in!

That’s all it takes to start renting affordable, flexible storage! Get started at XS Spaces!

Download this complete guide here.