XS Spaces

Have some extra space in your basement, garage, or an extra closet? With XS Spaces, it could not be easier to use your extra space to make easy extra cash each month! Follow this quick guide to sign up and start hosting your extra space to people who need storage in minutes!

Step 1. Sign up for XS Spaces!

Sign up for XS Spaces here. Put in your first and last name, and your email. Then create a username and password. You will also need to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Step 2. Confirm Your Email.

After you have submitted all of your information, check your email for your account confirmation email and follow the instructions in the email.

Step 3. Update Your Profile.

It’s important to let people know a little about yourself. This helps establish trust with Space Owners and increases your chances a Space Owner will accept your reservation.

To update your profile, hover your mouse over the user avatar in the upper right hand corner of the listings page, then click ‘Settings.’

Once there, make sure you are in the ‘Profile info’ section.

While it’s good to make sure all of the fields have your most updated information, the following sections are the most important to complete.

Tell Us About Yourself.

In the “About you” section, take a minute to write a few sentences about yourself. Details could include where you are from, notes about family, your career, or anything else you might want to convey. This section helps Space Owners know you are a real person so have fun with it!

Add Your Photo.

In the “Profile picture” section, upload a picture of yourself. We recommend a photo of you, the renter, that is clear and not blurry.

Step 4. Input Your Banking Info So You Can Get Paid.

While still in ‘Settings’ click ‘Payments’ on the left side of the page.

Provide the required banking information in the provided form especially your banking routing and account numbers. This will allow us to directly deposit the funds you generate from renting your space directly into your account!

All banking information is held by a PCI-compliant 3rd party and XS Spaces at no point holds on to your banking information.

Step 5. Create Your Space!

Now for the fun part! To start posting your space, click “Post a new listing” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Give Your Listing a Title.

When searching for storage on XS Spaces’ listings, use the filters to help narrow down your search. You can narrow your search by price; size; features like heat, A/C, no stairs, etc; access type; and location type.

Set Your Price.

Give your space a short but descriptive title. Things like “Large Garage Space” or “Air Conditioned Basement” are perfect titles.

Give Some Details About Your Space.

Write a few sentences about your space. Details could include how close you are to town, how easy parking is, and/or what items your space is ideal for storing there. This will help Renters get a good idea of your space is for them.

Input Your Space Size.

The size of space is important for Renters to determine if you have enough room for all of their stuff. Use our guide here to determine your space size.

Select Your Space Features.

Select what features your space has like A/C, electricity, etc.

Define The Access To Your Space.

Your space, your rules! You get to decide how often people have access to your property. Select “24/7” or “By Appointment.”

Set Your Location Type.

Tell people what kind of space you are providing e.g. garage, basement, covered outdoor area, etc.

Input Your Space Location.

Input your space’s address or a general area like a nearby cross-street or the zip code.

This location is visible on the XS Spaces website so you are not required to put the exact street address here.

Upload Some Pictures of Your Space.

This may be the most important part of the whole process! Renters definitely want to see what your space looks like and your chances or renting out your space go way up if include high quality pictures.

Upload as many pictures that you think is necessary to show off your whole space. Make sure they are of good quality and not blurry.

Step 6. Post Your Space and Start Making Cash!

Once you have input all of your information, click “Post listing.” Your space is all ready to be rented and making you extra cash each month!

That’s all it takes to start renting out your space for storage and making extra cash every month! Get started at XS Spaces!

Download this complete guide here.