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28 Things XS Spaces Can Help You Buy for Less than $100!

According to Sparefoot, the national average cost per square foot in 2018 was $0.96 per month. If you have an extra bedroom or half of your garage available, that’s over $100 each month you can make by listing your space on XS Spaces!

Now we’re not going to tell you how to spend that money, but we found a helpful guides of cool things you can find on Amazon for less than $100!

  • There’s a sweet 100-round Nerf gun.
  • A Millenium Falcon rug.
  • A reversible jacket that makes you look like Han Solo OR Chewbacca (so you can switch personas when Greedo comes looking for Jabba’s money).

And then there’s a bunch other cool (but NOT Nerf or Star Wars stuff). With XS Spaces, making an extra $100, $200, or even more every month could not be easier.

Sign up for free and list your space in less than 5 minutes at www.xs-spaces.com.

See the full list of fun stuff at https://www.guide.com/galleries/25-things-on-amazon-for-100/.

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