XS Spaces

About XS Spaces

XS Spaces is a business venture of Peak 10 Technologies, Inc. based in Portland, OR. The team of XS Spaces works hard to offer a seamless experience. Both to owners and renters of space for storing goods.

XS Spaces pays much attention to the online and physical safety of its users. And it builds a platform that is transparent, inclusive and secure. XS Spaces believes that it can provide a trustworthy platform for the rental of storage space. This is a platform that is worry-free for owners and renters. But XS Spaces also thinks that renting the extra space in people’s houses makes sense economically. Both for owners and renters.

Our Team

Walker Bolger, CEO

Walker is a creative professional with a passion for developing great products, solutions, and people. He is himself someone who struggled with questions around storage and the rise of ugly storage facilities in his neighborhood. Out of his observations grew the vision for XS Spaces.

Sander Verhagen, CTO

Sander is an accomplished technical leader with experience in hosted, cloud/SaaS, and enterprise software. He is a trusted party in the development of secure and scalable software. As such, he oversees the usability and security of your online experience with XS Spaces.

If you have any questions about XS Spaces or your use of the site and services, please feel free to get in touch with the Support team.