Have Extra Space?

Make easy extra income by providing your extra space for storage. Listing is free and easy!

Make Some Space

Make some extra space and post it on XS Spaces. People are always looking for storage and you might have just what they need!

Rent It Out

Renters will reserve your space and pay you to store their extra stuff. Just let them drop it off and pick it up when they're done.

Get Paid

Once the Renters drop off their stuff, you start making money! All the funds are deposited directly into your bank account!

Need To Rent Space?

Rent space from our community of space owners when you need it at less cost.

Find Your Space

Use XS Spaces to find the perfect spot for your stuff! You can search by size, price, location, or other features.

Easy Rental

Choose your dates, provide your credit card, and your reservation is all set! All you have to do is arrange drop off with the Space Owner.

Flexible and Affordable

Rent for as long as you want or as little as 7 days! Payments are made automatically. Just pick up your stuff when you're done.

How much can you make?

Select the amount of space you have and find out how much you can make each month while still saving your renters 25%!




Why XS Spaces?

Using XS Spaces and listing space for rent is completely free! XS Spaces only makes money when the space is rented.
Owners earn extra income with less effort than Airbnb or Uber. Your money is deposited directly into your account!
Renters take advantage of better rates and more flexibility in options.
Owners have the flexibility to set their own terms such as price and space access.
Easy online booking and support makes it easy to reserves spaces for both renters and owners.
Payment methods are input online and charges are made automatically. No having to track down payments.

Curious About How It Works?

Check out our instructions for getting started as a Space Renter or Owner.

Have Questions?

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions.